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30 November 2017'

Venezuela and Belarus approve economic cooperation route


The Venezuela-Belarus High Level Joint Commission approved on Tuesday a new bilateral cooperation agenda for the next three years, in various economic areas to implement development plans, said the Vice President for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez.

This roadmap was ratified during the meeting of the Commission in the city of Minsk, capital of this country of Eastern Europe.

“Venezuela-Belarus strategic meeting: Binational productive, financial and commercial scheme within the framework of development plans. Comprehensive cooperation in agricultural, industrial, constructive matters framed in revolutionary policies on alimentation and housing”, wrote Menéndez through his Twitter account.

These agreements reaffirm development plans aimed at strengthening the national industry, financing and transfer of technology, to combat the economic war against the Venezuelan people promoted by sectors of the national right wing with international support as reported Menéndez this Monday.

In addition, this cooperation will be linked to the 2030 development plan of Venezuela, and the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda.

The Mixed Commission has also evaluated the progress of strategic projects in the production of foodstuffs and other items related to housing, industry, gas and petrochemical, especially those related to fertilizers.

In Eastern Minsk was also presented the “Venezuela Exporta” (Venezuela Exports) program, with the participation of Venezuelan companies such as Granitos de Venezuela (Venezuelan Granite).

Besides Menéndez, the delegation is made up of the Minister for Economy and Finance, Simón Zerpa; the Minister for Basic, Strategic and Socialist Industries, Juan Arias, and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.