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26 November 2017

Venezuela in the news_November 24th

Campaign for D-10 started
Campaigns for municipal elections in Venezuela, on December 10, started on yesterday, Thursday, November 23 across the country.
Elections for the new governor in the state of Zulia will run parallel to the municipal elections. The Office of the governor in that state has remained vacant since July 30.

Meeting in Minsk
The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, informed on Thursday that in the coming days, the members of the Belarus-Venezuela High Level Joint Commission will be meeting to evaluate the joint plans in progress.
He mentioned that the encounter will take place in the capital of Belarus, Minsk.
“President Aleksandr Lukashenko will be there along with ministers of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, expanding international cooperation, world cooperation for development”, he said.
Venezuela and Belarus hold several projects in the areas of housing construction.
President Maduro - on Thursday, November 23 - handed over 240 new apartments built by the Great Venezuela Housing Mission implemented with the cooperation of Belarus.

The new apartments are part of the Ciudad Tiuna Urban Complex, in Caracas.
The Venezuelan government has set the goal of delivering three million new homes before the end of 2018.
By December of this year, it is expected that 1.9 million will be handed over to Venezuelans in need of housing.

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