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29 January 2018

(SALCC) Discuss The Dennery Segment


(GIS) – The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) successfully staged an academic discourse last week, as part of the 2018 Nobel Laureate Festival, on the topic: “The Dennery Segment, Its Evolution, Revolution and Devolution.”

The Lucian kuduro more popularly known as “the Dennery segment” has been generating much debate since its emergence.

Nichole Sargusingh, coordinator of the academic discourse exercise at the campus, said the objective was to explore not only the lyrical value, but also the underlying message and other elements that caused the emerging kuduro genre.

The roots of kuduro can be traced to the late 1980s when producers in Angola started mixing African percussion samples with zouk and soca to create a style of music then known as Batida.

“Of course, it is something that is becoming increasingly infectious, and here at this institution we wanted to incorporate an academic analysis with something that is ultimately and undeniably a cultural phenomenon in terms of music.”

Sargusingh also spoke on the outcome of the exercise.

“The panelists all seem to agree that the genre is sort of an entity on its own that’s evolving very rapidly, that’s absolutely unstoppable; so that’s basically the consensus that it is going forward in spite of any possible or potential hurdle means, one may say, that it has reached international status.

“I think another area where they agreed was the very controversial nature of the lyrics and the fact that people are extremely polarized in terms of their views and in terms of whether they embrace or like the genre. So these are some of the commonalities that came out in terms of the panelists’ perspective.”

The panel of six comprised four faculty members, one student, and a moderator. Panelists were selected based on their background in either music, literature, cultural studies, sociology, or similar fields that gave credence to the topic of discussion.