12 December 2017

Venezuela has held 3 elections in less than 5 months


The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, assured that the electoral process of December 10 was a “total success”, thanking the civic conduct of the Venezuelan people, despite the constant attacks of opposition sectors.

“They called for abstention, they tried to sabotage the electoral process, and we can say today, after having successfully completed the elections of mayors, that they were not able to do so. The people of Venezuela overcame, and we have to say that the elections of December 10 were a total success for the country”, he said.

During a press conference with the international accompaniers of CNE held in the “Sol del Perú” (Peruvian Sun) Hall at Miraflores Palace, the Head of State acknowledged the work of the electoral power in the municipal elections on December 10.

“The National Electoral Council has truly been up to the expected levels at the technical, technological, organizational, moral, human, institutional scopes. An extraordinary CNE with an admirable electoral system that we have to defend and feel proud of”, he said.

He denounced the withdrawal of 3 opposition parties prior to the municipal elections. “When the CNE decided to establish the days for the registration of candidacies, surprise. Out of the 14 opposition parties the country has, 3 of them decided to formally withdraw from the democratic process and the electoral process (…) the parties of the extreme right wing, Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular, and the Acción Democrática party”.

“We know of the pressures there were from Miami, Bogota, Madrid, Washington (…) and still, out of the 1,560 candidates who registered for the mayoral elections 70% were opposition candidates, leaders of these 3 political parties; several of them have been elected as mayors”, he said.

The National Chief Executive stressed the democratic behavior of the Bolivarian Republic that in 140 days has carried out 3 electoral processes, as never has been achieved in any country.

“There is not a single country in the world that in the last 50 years or more has made 3 impeccable, transparent electoral processes in 140 days, 3 processes with national character, there is not, with results on the same day. The elections for the Constituent, 545 constituents and the results were known the same day (…) the elections of October 15, a 61.4%, 12 million voters. 23 governorates and the results were known at 9 pm on the same day”, he said.