28 August 2018

Venezuelan hospitals in crisis amid political turmoil

By Sky News

Hyperinflation in Venezuela has led to an economic crisis which is spreading to the health system.

Inflation could top 1,000,000% and doctors have gone on strike amid falling standards.

Sky's Alex Crawford went inside the hospitals of Venezuela to see how the doctors who are left are coping.

Sky News has gained rare access inside Venezuela's crumbling health care service and found it struggling to deliver the most basic of care.

Our team saw patients stacked up on hospital trolleys and large sections of the hospital boarded off because of a lack of medics, medicines and supplies. One doctor told us a patient had died just before our arrival because they didn't have a needle.

The hospital we visit is running with a fraction of the staff as medics have gone on strike demanding higher pay while others have just given up. One doctor told our team she was paid about five million bolivares a month, while a packet of eggs costs her four million.