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24 January 2018

110th anniversary of SDA on the Island of St. Lucia


110th  anniversary of SDA on the Island of St. Lucia.

This year 2018, the St. Lucia mission celebrates the 110th  anniversary of SDA on the Island of St. Lucia.

Evangelist/Pastor Matison Preville Said: “We are launching that celebration or this anniversary on the 27th of January…. As we convene three major conventions, one on the southern part of the Island that includes the Morne Repo district to Vieux Fort, one in the west that will be taking place in the Soufriere district that includes the Canaries church, Anse La Raye, and Soufriere church district.The other one will take place in the northern part of the Island. To be more specific at the Lindos Phillip Park, it includes areas like Dennery up to Gros Islet.”   

He continued: “We will be celebrating for the entire year, and we want all our members to come along as we launch for the commencement of this anniversary. We want people around the Island to be aware of what is happening. The word of God has been proclaimed and introduced 110 years ago, and so we are currently celebrating, we want everyone to be part of this celebration as we advance the course of God right here on the Island of St Lucia.”

According to Pastor Leeroy David that everybody, turns out in numbers for the celebration you might be thinking, and people may be wondering what is so significant about this event. It is 110 years the advent message has been in St. Lucia, 110 years we have been fighting against the enemy, and it doesn’t matter what he has tried in the past. He has not succeeded and will not succeed, so we are coming out in numbers.

We are saying to God we are thankful he has been with us, thankful he will stay with us, So we have reasons and occasions to give praise and to celebrate.